From ever and ever faithful to himself, Sylvio Giardina is absolutely a unique couturier in the international landscape thanks to his passion for experimenting an researching in new horizons; doing so he redesigned the female silhouette creating a new crysalis woman wearing extraordinary outfits rich in unique forms and geometry able to make her to perform in a splendid butterfly.

Nobody will forget his iconic and sensual dresses in expanse polythene, inspired to Botero paintings and the Baroque with the aim to deconstruct and reconstruct the feminine body underlining those imperfections meant as unique characteristic of the beauty of every woman.

In the work of this poetic and charming designer by sicilian background, born in Paris but trained in Rome where he attended the Accademy of Costume e Moda, the most important thing has been the research in new aestetics where he could melt different expressions and disciplines in such a way to interact among themselves and give life to something completely new which will break through the catwalk emotionally involving the viewers, fascinated by those memories, reminessaince and symbolisms which each creations of Sylvio Giardina is able to contain in harmony in within himself.

Art and Fashion are living in a perfect blend in the world of Giardina, sculptoring new bodies and starting always a new collection always inspired to the previous one in a way to create an ideal following in between projects which are the chapters of an endless unique wonderful story.

After his first steps in 1990/1996 at the Gattinoni maison he decided in 1998 with Antonio Grimaldi to launch the High Fashion brand Grimaldi Giardina which becomes immediately extraordinary internationally successful and leads to an invitation by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture to partecipate to the Parisian Catwalks for three seasons.

Their collaboration went on till 2010, then he decided firmly and respectfully to trust himself and his instict, to remain faithful to his own artistic identity, launching his own brand, “Sylvio Giardina”, which it becomes a fantastic new research engine where he experimentes with passion and audacity new design solutions, which marked his territory thanks also to new technologies, the usage of unusual materials and sculptorious forms which will put in doubt the classic rules of the haute couture.

Sylvio Giardina is an authentic revolutionary man, always ready to question was has been done in the past . As Schopenhauer said “talent hits a target which no one else can hit, geniality hits a target which nobody else can see”.

This is where Sylvio Giardina strenght lies: his view that goes through out every apparent situation.



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